Best online earning platform in Bangladesh I Before start career must need to know

Best online earning platform in Bangladesh
Best online earning platform in Bangladesh

There are so many websites online earning. In this article, I will try to discuss some make money online websites. If you use that website then you earn money online by staying in your home.

How to earn money online?

It is a very common question. Earning money online is very easy and every smart process. If you do not do any kinds of jobs then you can follow this process. Online income is a very smart income in our country.

Is there any website to earn money in Bangladesh?

I think it is a very common question. There are so many websites and there are so many platforms to earn money online. You can make money by bKash or any kind of bank.

Bangladesh is a populated country. and there are a huge number of the Bangladeshi population is job/workless. I think that Bangladesh is a very good country to develop in this sector. Our freelancer tries their best to earn money online.

It is very important to know some processes. I think that Life coaching, Freelancing, Entrepreneurship, Offer online courses is the most popular earn money online in our country.

Those are not passive earning processes. In this article, I try to discuss the passive earning process also besides the normal earning process.

Why did we need to know the passive earning platforms?

Actually, the passive earning platform is very good for us. Every passive earning platform is very essential for our economy.

Like as, YouTube is a good passive earning platform. Through this platform, we can earn money passively. It is very helpful for our economy and we can do it beside our main work.

Best passive earing platform list

There are so many passive earning platforms in Bangladesh. Now Bangladesh is a very smart and freelancing base country. Every year Bangladesh earns more money from the online sector. Some best list is,

  • (a) YouTube
  • (b) Amazon
  • (c) Fiverr
  • (d) Google AdSense
  • (e) Skillshare
  • (f) Local Marketplace
  • (g) Online tutoring

Without this list, there are so many websites and marketplace in our country. Now in this article, I try to discuss this platform in deathly. I think you can gain enough knowledge about those platforms.

In our country, those marketplaces and those online earing platforms are most used. Every month there is so much money earned by those platforms.

(a) YouTube- Best online earning platform in Bangladesh

YouTube is a very good and present online income platform. YouTube was founded on February 14, 2005, in San Mateo, California, United States.

The CEO of this company is Susan Wojcicki (February 5, 2014 To Present). This company’s headquarters is in San Bruno, California, United States.

Adverting this company is Google AdSense. Founder members are Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley. The present Organization is Google.

YouTube is the word whose search value in Bangladesh is 6,120,000 and CPC is 0.11$ in this company at present position is very big. The last 10 years’ growth rate is this company is very high. You can earn by this platform in different ways.

At present 4,000 watch times and 1,000 subscribers for monetization in this company. This condition is enough to fulfill their requirement. After monetize you can earn money by view and watching video.

But you need to make online videos the right way. If you do it or you make a video then you can earn some money from this platform.

There are so many ways to give videos in YouTube. You can open a channel in this platform. Education, Health, Technology, Lifestyle, Information and etc are the most popular topic at present.

You can share your opinion and share your experience in this platform. By this way you can earn money from this platform. I think it is very popular earing way at present.

(b) Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest marketplace and online earning platforms not only in Bangladesh but also all over the world. It is an E-commerce company. maximum buyer in USA & UK based.

The CEO of this company is Andy Jassy (Jul 5, 2021, To Present). This platform stock price is 3,271.20$ at present which increasing level is +11.25(+35%) before. The founder name of this company is Jeff Bezos.

This company was founded on July 5, 1994, in Bellevue, Washington, United States. The headquarter of this company Seattle, Washington, United States.

The Revenue of this company is 386.1 billion USD (2020) which is big at present. Subsidiaries of this company is Zappos, Audible, Whole Foods Market, Ring, Souq, MORE, etc.

Only Amazon is a word whose search value in Bangladesh is 110,000 and which CPC in Bangladesh 0.07$.

I think that at present this rate is increasing day by day. If you earn by this platform then you need to gain some knowledge about this marketplace. Which is,

  1. Content writing knowledge about different kinds of product reviews.
  2. Affiliating Marketing.
  3. Buy selling your product.
  4. Dropshiping etc.

I think content writing is one of the best options to earn from this marketplace. You can try to write some categories product which knows you very much. There are so many products in this marketplace.

Technology product, Home product, Medical product are main. I think that your knowledge base product is available in this marketplace.

Amazon provides digital content & devices. Amazon Music, Kindle E-readers & Books, Appstore for android are very important.

Shop by Department provides Electronics, computers, smart homes, and arts and crafts are the most important e-commerce goods.

At first, you need to open an account in this marketplace. For opening an account, you need some important information which is Government NID, passport, TAX information, Business documents, etc.

In Bangladeshi people works in this marketplace by providing books, goods, experience and digital products. Affiliate marketing is one of the most important things to earn money online from the Amazon marketplace.

More Bangladeshi people do this work very smartly. Dropshipping is another process to earn money from the Amazon marketplace. It is the process of affiliating marketing.

You can review any kind of product in your website for client attraction. When a client or customer wants to buy this product then you take the order. Then you can do this order forwards in that marketplace.

It is a very good and passive earning process. Though this process is very hard-working process. Because visitor is more important matter in this process.

(c) Fiverr Marketplace- 2nd best online earning site in Bangladesh

At present Fiverr is the biggest marketplace for extra online income not outer countries of the world but also in Bangladesh.

At present, there are so many people working in this marketplace. Experience and non-experienced people are involved in this marketplace.

If you have any kinds of little knowledge about freelancing then you can join this marketplace. There are a lot of companies in our country to do their online base work in this marketplace.

Every day there are lot of money exchanges in this marketplace. You can join for online income if you have any kind of little knowledge.

Content writing, Affiliate marketing, Facebook marketing, Digital marketing, Online marketing, Web design, graphics design, etc have a good opportunity in this marketplace.

Fiveer headquarters is Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel. Founder’s name is Micha Kaufman, Shai Wininger and CEO name is Micha Kaufman from Feb 1, 2010, to the present. Available language in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, German, etc.

The Online Fiverr keyword search value in Bangladesh is 165,000 in monthly. I think this result is very increasing and i think this number is so big.

This keyword CPC is 0.04$ at present. Though it is an international marketplace and this marketplace maintain globally.

You can join in this website as a seller you experience and also you can join in this marketplace as a buyer. You can buy any digital product in this marketplace.

There are a lot of number people in Bangladesh doing their work in this marketplace. I think that they earn enough money from this marketplace.

(D) Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the most online passive earing platform at present. You can earn more and more earn money by this platform. In 2019 to 2022 in this platform Bangladeshi people earn more money.

In Bangladesh, Google AdSense is the most popular word. In this word search value, 33,100 and CPC is 0.06$ all-time in Bangladesh gone.

It is Cross-platform and it is a web-based application. This is Google base developer. Initial release June 18, 2003, to present.

More than 18 years ago established this platform. There are so many keywords in Google base. In this part, I will discuss the basic level of this.

Actually, there are two types of users in this place. One is buyer and another is the seller. If you have a website then you can monetize this website by Google AdSense. After monetizing you can earn money by showing ads.

There are so many businesses and so many organizations for giving offers their product in this platform.

A large number of publishers and advertisers in this platform. Over 10 million websites are using this platform. It has high level of security, safety, and transparency in the platform.

Those are available not only to advertisers but also to publishers too. You can track your visitor on this platform.

You can analyze your visitor and earn money by this platform. There are so many sizes are ads on this platform.

in this marketplace, there have 63,000 advertisers and publishers. most of the size of the popular ads is 728*90 and 300*250. I think every user uses this site very much for their website.

Google charges by clicking ads. Publishes get 68% amount and Google takes 51%. But sometimes this calculation is not fair.

There are so many keywords all over the world. Keywords differ from country to country. Some keywords provide high CPC and some are average. You can check CPC from websites like ahrefs and others.

Traffic is the king of Google AdSense. If you have a good website and your website provides more traffic then you can earn more money from this marketplace. This marketplace provides area-based traffic.

Traffic is different form website and country to country. Google follow usually webmasters tools very much.

From this platform, you can earn easily near about 1,000$ per month if your website provides more visitor.

(e) Skillshare

Skillshare is a platform that is an international marketplace. In Bangladesh, this word search value is 6,600 and CPC is 0.08$ per click.

This is USA based website. This website was founded in November 2010, in New York, New York, United States.

The headquarter of this company New York, New York, United States. The key person of this company is Matthew Cooper. He is the CEO of this company.

It is mainly paid platform. You can earn money by this platform to sell your course and experience. You can join this platform in three ways. like as,

  • (i) By Facebook.
  • (ii) By Gmail.
  • (iii) By Apple.
  • There are so many categories on this website. Like as,
  • (i) Animation Videos & Video tutorials.
  • (ii) Design. Any kind of design. Graphics and website design and video tutorials.
  • (iii) Illustration of learning and video tutorials.
  • (iv) Lifestyle and tutorials.
  • (v) Photo & Film and video tutorials.
  • (vi) Business & its tutorials.
  • (vii) Writing parts and tutorials.

In this marketplace are so many ways to earn in this website. You can share your experience in this platform.

Sometimes we need video tutorials and we need our education tutorials then we can find on this website. Higher education materials we find on this platform.

Normally skillshare is an educational or learning website. There are so many tutorials in this website. This is actually an online base website and this website discusses learning materials.

If we need any kinds of education base things then we can search from this website. Drawing and painting is very simple in this website. You can learn coding from this website very nicely.

There are so many experts in this platform. If you face any kinds of problem then they can try to solve that problem.

Jessica Hische is the name who maintains the Illustrator department in this website. Laci Jordan is the name who maintains Multidisciplinary Artist. Aaron Dralin is the name who is a world-class designer.

Roxane Gay is the name who is a good writer in this platform. Jeff Staple is the name and good person who is an entrepreneur in this platform.

Brandon Woelfel is the name who is Photographer on this platform. DKNG Studios is an Illustrator designer. I think that you understand this marketplace.

(f) Local Marketplace

Local Marketplace is one of the best options to earn money from online. It is very good and very essential option for everybody. Though it is very difficult to get an online base job in this place.

Actually, what do we know about the local marketplace?

I think there are a small number of people who know about this. Sometimes we need to do our work from the little amount and sometimes we need to do more work by a little amount.

For this we can use a marketplace. Which marketplace we called local marketplace. In this marketplace, we get a large number of people who are experienced in this own sector.

They know about the advantages and disadvantages of working in the local marketplace. Actually advantages and disadvantages also both in this marketplace. The international marketplace has some rules.

Sometimes buyers can get those advantages more not sellers. Sometimes sell does not get enough benefit from the international marketplace. Because though rules to not perfect for sellers. Though are very good only for buyers.

One of the most important things that if you have enough money in the international marketplace then you need money. But do not withdraw money from that marketplace because there are some rules in that marketplace.

It is one of the most important problems and disadvantages in the international marketplace. Another is sometimes we do work but we do not understand the client’s language.

Actually, communication is a problem in the international marketplace. If you do not set up good communication with your buyer it is very difficult to give the delivery the work.

Like as, if you take an offer from Fiverr marketplace order. If the buyer lives in Nigeria or the UK then you face a good problem to understand the language of your buyer for the proper guidance.

It is a very good and very critical problem for you. But you do not face this problem if you do the local marketplace work. You can take local marketplace work by the company, website, Facebook page, Facebook group, etc.

I prefer Only Facebook groups and local companies very much. Because the Facebook group provides the work by the Facebook group admin. Another is a local agency or local company that provides the work for you.

It is also good because they need work by little amount. And they do not lost worker like you. For this reason, they try to give your payment after work. Sometimes you make money doing their work.

Though you earn little money it is very important to do a permanent job which is online base that is very important. I think every freelancer understands this matter very much.

(g) Online tutoring

Online tutoring is recently an online base earning process. It is a very smart concept. I think that if you have some knowledge about something and about some special things. Then you can earn money by using online smartly.

For online tutoring, you need to follow some processes. I think at present everybody knows all the important materials.

You can do this work only in some processes. Like as,

  1. By using Facebook Page or Facebook Group.
  2. By using YouTube Channel.
  3. By using Websites and Apps.

I think those are very important to start this online base earning process. In the COVID-19 condition Facebook ID, Facebook Page live, Facebook Group is very important for this process.

At present technology is increasing day by day. There are a lot of YouTube channels and a lot of Apps and a lot of websites created to do this work.

There are a lot of opportunities in this sector. If you want to become a teacher then you need to gather knowledge about education and your tutoring sector. Here I just an example.

If you are an expert in English and English grammar subjects. Then you open a Facebook page and Facebook Group. Then you give some education classes and which class is free for your marketing.

After some days you get the result of this investment. I think that this investment is without money. It is a very low price investment. In this way, you can earn by online tutoring platform.

In this article, we learn so many things. Actually, in this article, my main aim was to give the shortlist of the best online earning platforms in Bangladesh which are now trading.

I think I give that and everybody understands about this. Here you can learn online base on the passive earing platform at present. If you need more information about any single thing then you do a simple comment.

My team gives you more information about your comment. Thanks for reading this article

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